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Is my personal firewall blocking access to Habbo Hotel?

To access Habbo Hotel, your computer must be permitted to make a connection to the Habbo Hotel servers using a special protocol used by the Shockwave client. If you are using personal firewall software or accessing the Internet from a firewall-protected office, it may block access to Habbo Hotel unless configured otherwise.

To access Habbo Hotel UK, please verify with the person responsible for your Internet connection that the following addresses are permitted by the firewall:

IP address:
100.100.*.*, TCP ports: 30000-30001.

How did I get a keylogger?

The only way you will get a keylogger is if you download it and activate it. Most keyloggers are disguised as other free programs - for example a free credits or furni program offered on a scam site. Some times they are contained in email attachments, or sent via instant messenger (MSN, Aim, Yahoo etc...).

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a way to keep unwanted traffic from connecting to you; there are two types of firewalls, a software and hardware.

The main reason why we urge you to have a firewall is because what it is capable of doing is monitoring and controlling the "gateway" between your computer and the internet. If by any change you happen to contract a Trojan from receiving an email or file from an instant messenger, this may save you by blocking it from communicating with the attacker, this is why we advise Habbo’s that have been keylogged too install a firewall, but do not think that since you have a firewall now that you're invincible, because you aren't.

Firewalls will not be enough to completely stop viruses, spyware, keyloggers, etc. it CAN help with the forced downloads and worms, but if you continue to download files infected, the firewall won't help, because you are willingly downloading these files. The software version of the firewall is a more graphical version of protection and monitoring although the only problem with this is that some bad programs are able to disable it.

Hard hardware firewalls basically block anything that is coming in and out unless that you've specified that it's allowed to.

To find out more about firewalls, and where to get one click HERE.

How do I know I have a keylogger?

The easy answer is that you don't! That is, until you find that your Habbo account has been stolen and all your rooms are empty! If you are lucky and you have a firewall installed it may indicate to you that something is attempting to communicate with the internet and requires you to allow it.

Do I have to trade?

For more in depth information see www.hobtech.net, the Hobba Tech Team website. Or visit the Tech Drop-In owned by Floyd.

Habbo Hotel does not fit on my computer's display. What can I do?

Your desktop is probably set to resolution 800x600. Increase the resolution from the Control Panel.

I have Windows XP Service Pack 2, Why won't Habbo work?

Yes. However, the pop-up blocker introduced in the new Internet Explorer must be left to its default setting (Medium) or turned off. If you set the pop-up blocker to protect at High setting, you must separately allow pop-ups for Habbo Hotel.

If your computer's screen resolution is set too low (800x600), Internet Explorer's status bar may obstruct part of Habbo Hotel. You should increase the screen resolution to at least 1024x768 from the Windows Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, Display Resolution by moving the resolution dial at least one step to the right.

If you can't do this, consider hiding the Task Bar to give more space to Habbo.

Why can I see grey/white boxes with PH written on them?

PH = place holder. These boxes show when Shockwave (the program used for Habbo graphics) cannot display what you have in our database. This could be for all kind sof technical reasons, such as your machine being low on memory, one of Habbo's machines being low on memory or even it could be the internet is very busy.

To fix this, just reload and all your furni should show in its full glory.~
The boxes show that all your things are safe.

Why does it say old client please reload?

We are constantly working to make Habbo Hotel run faster for you and have cool new stuff. This means that we have to change the whole client (the graphics you download to your machine to show you the hotel).

Try pressing CTRL + R to download (Apple + R on a Mac) and if it still doesn't help try the following:

This should solve the problem:

  1. Close all Internet Explorer (IE) windows.
  2. Open a new IE window.
  3. Choose "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu on the top menu bar.
  4. Choose "Temporary Internet Files" in the window that opens.
  5. Click on the button labeled "Delete Files..."
  6. Click on "OK" to empty the locally cached files.
  7. Close the IE window .

How do I get rid of a keylogger?

A keylogger is an item of spyware which is sent by file to your computer. If you have opened that file, it is possible that you have a keylogger on your machine. A keylogger records everything you type and sends it to the person who originally sent you the file. So then they get your Habbo password, credit card numbers and even conversations.

#ref(): File not found: "downloads_habbo_in_pc" at page "FAQs/技术问题"

You need updated spyware and anti virus software to get rid of keyloggers and it’s vital you have up to date software if you use the internet. If you have spyware and anti virus software, make sure it’s up to date and run a full scan. If it doesn’t detect the keylogger, go to your software’s website and read about what to do there.

Please visit Hobtech.net for comprehensive help with keyloggers, trojans, and other nasty programs you may have downloaded.

Why do I get the alert 'Out of memory'?

If you get the 'Out of Memory' alert then try the following:
  1. Close your browser and other applications (such as word processor, spreadsheet, mp3-player). Now open your browser and try Habbo Hotel again.
  2. Restart the computer. Often, when your computer has been in use for long periods, its memory gets full.

Why do I only see a black page and a Shockwave logo?

This means that there is something wrong with your Shockave download. Get Shockwave (It's free)


您不断看到“断开连接”的消息 - 这意味着您的计算机和宾馆服务器之间的连接已经断开。有时你可能会说话或移动,但宾馆的某些部分可能无法工作 - 比如导航器或哈宝通。尝试重新加载宾馆(F5或Ctrl-R)。如果你经常被断开连接,可能需要更改您的ISP(例如AOL,Freeserve)。


AOL连接提供的默认浏览器无法正确显示哈宝宾馆。您仍然可以使用AOL进行连接 - 只需选择其他浏览器,例如Internet Explorer或Netscape。


如果您不使用AOL(请参阅有关AOL的常见问题解答),请尝试按Ctrl-R(Mac上的Apple-R),这应该会在带滚动条的浏览器窗口中重新加载宾馆。为避免此问题,设置你的浏览器,这样窗口就不会层叠 - 即每次打开新窗口时,不会在屏幕上往下移动。


不 - 我们无法知道病毒可以通过哈宝宾馆的服务器进入我们会员的电脑中。




它可能已经满了 - 检查宾馆导航,看看有多少人在这里。公共房间可容纳50人,私人房间可容纳25人。人们在宾馆里经常走动,所以一两分钟后再试一次。

为什么我看不到任何人 / 黑屏?

  1. 关闭所有注窗口。
  2. 打开一个新的IE窗口。
  3. 在顶部菜单栏的“工具”菜单中选择“Internet选项”。
  4. 在打开的窗口中选择“Internet临时文件”。
  5. 单击标有“删除文件...”的按钮
  6. 单击“确定”以清空本地缓存的文件。
  7. 关闭IE窗口。


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